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Remainder of the 2019/20 season cancelled

After the latest announcements last week, the committee have been discussing how the club can move forward. Scottish Archery released their phase 3 plans and we have studied them back-to-front to see how we can get everyone back on the shooting line safely.

Unfortunately, after much consideration, it looks unlikely that it will be possible to complete this season. The committee have made the extremely difficult decision to not go ahead with the remainder of this outdoor season, and instead focus on looking at solutions for the 2020/21 season.

We appreciate that this is not the news anyone wants to hear but there are too many guidelines to have to adhere to, making it unfeasible to implement in a practical and realistic way.

We urge all members to fully read Scottish Archery’s guidelines to understand why this decision was taken.

Please keep in mind that the committee are shooting members as well, and this decision affects us all. From today there would have been only 6 weeks left outdoors. We estimated that if an acceptable plan could have been formed, it would have taken at least 2 weeks to implement, including arranging required PPE and contacting all members to put in place a booking system or rota. This would have left us with 4 weeks shooting. To meet the guidelines, we would have had to consider splitting the night into at least 2 sessions, resulting in most members getting a total of 4 hours maximum shooting for the remainder of the season.

We did consider alternative or extra nights instead, but due to the set up and dismantling of equipment guidelines, as well as the cost implication, that again it was just not going to be feasible.

Some members have already asked how they will be ‘compensated’ for their memberships.  This decision was postponed until we had more information and a clearer plan in place. Given we now have that bit more clarity, our plan now is to contact each member individually throughout next week to discus how you would like to move forward with things.

We thank each of you for being patient and understanding, and we hope you have all kept as safe as possible through these challenging times.

A member of the committee will phone you in due course to give you more details and answer any questions that you may have.

Thanks, Team LA x

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