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Dumfries and Galloway Wheelchair Track Athletics Raffle

Back in late May a story appeared on the news and social media regarding the devastating fire that destroyed the Dumfries and Galloway Wheelchair Track Athletics storage unit. The unit and all its contents where tragically lost, totalling over £40,000 worth of damage. This put the club in a very uncertain position.

Pictures courtesy of Daily Record. Read the full story here.

Our little club has been on the receiving end of vandalism a few times over the years and we can relate to the horrible situation the club would have found themselves in.

Hannah – one of our members, stepped up and brought an idea to the committee that we where all immediately agreed would be a fantastic thing to do. Hannahs idea was to run one of our raffles where we sell 300 squares for £2 each, a member of the Track Club would come down and shoot an arrow at the target and the number it lands on wins £100. Leaving the remaining money raised to go to the club as a donation to see them get going again.

The club pulled together and got the 300 numbers sold in a few weeks and Russ and Shelby from the DGWTA came down to the club last Tuesday night. They where welcomed by everyone and Shelby was given some coaching before making the vital shot. It took ‘a few’ goes but we finally got an arrow on the target! The winning number was 227… this number not only turned out to be one of our members (Bryan) but Hannahs dad!

So far selling the squares we had raised £500 for the club, The committee had a chat a few weeks prior and thought it would be a nice gesture and really help the club get going if we matched the winnings. Bringing the total to a nice round £1000. The members didn’t stop there though, Bryan very kindly donated his winnings and a few other members gave some cash donations who didn’t managed to buy any squares.

In total we raised £1130 for the club. We appreciate that it is a very small amount in relation to what they have lost but we hope it goes towards making a difference and getting them all back on the track again.

The Dumfries and Galloway Wheelchair Track Athletics club are having an open day down at the David Keswick Centre track on the 28th August and would love to see as many people there as possible. We know that some of the club will certainly be popping down to say hello.

Thanks again to Russ and Shelby for being great sports and a massive well done to Hannah for the idea and seeing it all through.

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